Parenting, and Blogging, is Hard

Twenty four hours isn’t enough time for all I need to get done.

Throw in a spouse, kids and trying to start my own freelance writing business and I realize no amount of time is enough to get the laundry list of tasks completed. Ugh always comes back laundry!

As my own blog develops, I’ve explored hundreds of parenting blogs and sites. Each highlights different areas of childcare, health, wellness, recipes and basically surviving parenthood.

There are only so many things that can be said about parenting, however, each writer says it in their own way based on their experience. That’s why we keep coming back for more. There is something in their storytelling, their writing style and shared experience that resonates with readers.

Here are a few of my favorites that I encourage you to check out – after you read mine of course.

Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart or humorless

The phrase, Really, Are You Serious, comes up on our house at least once a day. Sometimes it’s from the kids and sometimes us. No matter who says it or who it’s directed toward, it’s usually said because there is no way it could be true. It usually includes a groan and eye roll…you know the drill.

Krystyn’s blogs and content combines sarcasm and Pintrest for a variety of useful tips, informative product discussions and funny stories.

She tackles everything from buying life insurance to creating Maleficent donuts. Yeah, it’s all part of parenting!

Raise Kids with Strong, and Kind, Character

Every parent’s goal is to release our kids into the world with kind hearts and a strong sense of self worth.

Moments a Day offers a path for parents and children to be their best.

Author, home educator and parent, Chelsea Lee Smith, provides inspirational ideas for parenting, interactive workshops and journals to help children learn kindness and other tools that encourage personal growth.

The blog, and other resources available on her site, help the whole family focus on gratitude, manners, patience and mindfulness.

Dads Are Amazing

Dads get a bad rap. Numerous television shows portray them as clueless and confused idiots who don’t know anything about caring for kids.

I’ve heard women complain about and compare spouses for their effort or lack of effort in the home and parenting. I’m grateful that my husband has always embraced his role as a dad and pretty much rocks at it.

Dads matter and their influence on our kids makes an impact.

Fatherly showcases the role of fatherhood and provides an outlet for dads to find kinship in shared experiences as well as oops moments. The site features targeted segments based on child ages as well as areas of interest including money, technology, play and health.

She works hard for the money

Another momma blogger shares her chaos, yet love-filled, life.

Reality Mom Blog topics range from teaching kids the value of money to tips on getting your kids to actually eat what you made for dinner. Is that even possible?

Author Jen Lynn, shares my thought that motherhood is important, challenging and enjoyable no matter if you stay at home, work from home or work outside the home. Motherhood shouldn’t pit us against each other but bring us together to share experiences and learn from each other.

Am I doing this right?

From the moment you pee on the stick, you begin to second guess every decision you make.

What to eat in the first trimester? What’s the best stroller? Do I really a wipe warmer? What is that rash? What should I expect after giving birth?

The Pregnant Chicken offers various ways to get the answers you’re looking for. The section Asshattery alone is worth exploring. I wish I had some of the pregnancy comment comebacks when I was expecting.

From a glossary of pregnancy terms to articles about loss, motherhood and gift registries, there isn’t anything this group isn’t talking about.

Unlimited possibilities

Don’t stop with these suggestions. Find a blogger or site that helps you be the best parent you can be. Whether you need a laugh or create a grocery budget, there are so many parents out there offering their tips, tricks, triumphs and failures.

Have additional bloggers your love? Share what you love ~ we can’t survive parenthood alone.