What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

As a writer, each piece is a labor of love. It has personality. Each work is unique, yet you love each the same. It’s the same with kids. They push to your limits and challenge you to be your best. Nothing prepares you for parenthood, but the adventure is the best thing one can ever create.

There are days I beam with pride as I look at my offspring. Then there are days I remind myself that I actually prayed really hard that I would have these monkeys. Sometimes, those emotional reactions happen minutes apart.

They don’t come with instruction manuals and no two kids are alike. It’s like being thrown into a river with a bunch of random equipment like a bag of snacks, extra Legos, the most favorite lovey of all time that no longer even has a face and some crayons. Somehow you have to make a boat, keep a float and not go over a waterfall.

Then of course, you better have extra snacks because heaven forbid these kids go 20 minutes without a snack. Just make sure it’s not the snack they loved yesterday, because today that same snack is rancid.

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