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Girl Scouts walking in nature holding hands
More Than Selling Cookies – Girl Scouts Teaches Life Lessons
Our kids weren’t big joiners in the States. I admit, they didn’t seem passionate about any one thing to push
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Merry Christmas ornament
3 Life Lessons from TV Christmas Movies
My name is Melissa and I love Hallmark Christmas movies. With more than 85 million people planning to tune in
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woman's body
These Are My Boobies, And You Can’t Touch Them
The Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault investigation has the majority of people agreeing on one thing. Conversations about consent, sexual assault, harassment
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Ev drew picture of our family
Parenting, and Blogging, is Hard
Twenty four hours isn’t enough time for all I need to get done. Throw in a spouse, kids and trying
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5 Things To Do With My Kids This Summer – Before I Hide in the Laundry Room with Wine
We’re six days into summer break and I’ve already contemplated opening a bottle of wine at 9 a.m. more than
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